Hi! My name is Foster Irwin. I love Utah and the outdoors. I’ve always liked knowing how things work and programming has offered me a whole world of material that I can sink my teeth into. I might not know how to do everything, but I’m willing to learn it all. I’m interested bicycles, rock climbing, paddleboarding and DIY projects. I love reading, even though blog posts have snuck in and stolen the spotlight from good old fashion books. I have a Kindle that I use sometimes, but I get trapped reading short stories. Programming is where I have laser focus. I love solving problems and figuring out solutions to problems that I didn’t even knew existed.

Thanks for checking out my website. Make sure to stop by my Portfolio & Blog to see what it is that I’m doing. Contact me if you are interested in working together, or if you have any questions.


You don’t know it yet, but you definitely want Foster on your team.

Foster is a talented problem solver that can find creative solutions and execute them well. His work at our company was extremely valuable across our spectrum of company needs and functions both in our stores and in our warehouse/internet operation. His accuracy and attention to detail are among his many great attributes. Foster works hard and puts his passion into everything he does. I can’t overstate this enough, Foster will be a huge asset to whatever project/team/company where he spends his time and attention.

— Brad Rowberry, Infinite Cycles Co-Owner

Foster is extremely hard working, organized, and eager to learn. He is persistent and calm when tackling hard problems, and I am confident in his ability to implement good solutions while creating web apps. His curiosity and drive enables him to pick up new tech easily. Because of his persistence in tackling problems and desire to learn new things, I’d recommend him for software positions even if they’re outside his normal tech stack.

— Luke Schunk, DevMountain Instructor


Foster Irwin

Full Stack Web Development
Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

University of Utah
Bachelor of Science
Parks, Recreation, & Tourism
Adventure Outdoor Programming
Jan 2012 - Aug 2016