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Minimal Mistakes is a flexible two-column Jekyll theme.


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Minimal Mistakes is a flexible two-column Jekyll theme.


Hi! I’m Foster Irwin. I like bikes, code, camping, and the Oxford Comma. Parks, Recreation, and Tourism was my major at the University of Utah. I learned how...


Replacing Stock Icons for Mac

Did you know that on your Mac you aren’t just stuck to using the same old boring icons everyone else uses? Apple even has a support guide to help you here! I...

Creating Custom Icons For Mac

If you are interested in making a custom icon from scratch, take a look at this website, which details how to create an .iconset folder and convert that into...

GitHub Pages ❤️ Jekyll

It seems fitting that for my first blog post, I should talk about… well, how I built the site that is displaying my first blog post! My website is built usin...


CV Finder

3 minute read

CV Finder was developed to allow people to create a hosted resume online. ReactJS • Redux • NodeJS


1 minute read

Spotter is an Airbnb-style clone with an emphasis on rock climbing. ReactJS • Redux • NodeJS • LeafletJS