Replacing Stock Icons for Mac

Did you know that on your Mac you aren’t just stuck to using the same old boring icons everyone else uses? Apple even has a support guide to help you here! It’s super easy.

Copy Image to Clipboard

One way to do this is:

  • Get the image that you would like to use and open it up in Preview.
  • Select All (⌘A)
  • Copy (⌘C)

Select Desired File or Folder

  • Select “Get Info” from Right Click Menu
  • Click on the image at the top of the info box so that it is highlighted in blue
  • Paste (⌘V)

Change it back

Decided that your custom image isn’t quite all you hoped and dreamed? That’s ok, it’s really easy to change it back.

  • Select “Get Info”
  • Click the image so it’s highlighted
  • Cut (⌘X)

That’s it! Super simple custom icons!